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About Insigning

Unlock Your Earning Potential as an Affiliate Marketer with Insigning.

The affiliate marketing industry is growing rapidly and ever more people are looking to be successful. That's why Insigning was created, to make affiliate marketing a little easier by providing tools and resources you need to succeed.

The work is simple: 

We don't give you any products, but we do pay out commissions on successful sales. It's that easy!

Build a profitable affiliate:

Insigning is the intermediary and provider of tools between affiliate marketers and affiliate programs.

Sell More Clicks:

Insigning is a marketplace that connects affiliate marketers with affiliate programs to sell more clicks.

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How It Works

Find a Program

Insigning offers a wide variety of affiliate programs to choose from.

Join the Program

Once you've found a program you're interested in, sign up and start promoting.

Get Paid

Insigning will track your sales and pay you commission on each sale you generate.

Insigning: How It Works

Integrate with Existing Solutions

Get paid faster and easier, anywhere, anytime.

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get more click with Insigning

Get More Clicks with Insigning – Your Affiliate Marketers Marketplace

More clicks for your marketing dollars

Insigning provides a marketplace for affiliate marketers to find high-converting affiliate programs and get more clicks for their marketing budget.

More clicks for your buck

With Insigning, you can connect with affiliate programs that offer higher payouts per click, so you can earn more money for your traffic.

Only on Insigning

Increase your revenue by signing up for our affiliate marketplace and connecting with partner programs.

White label solutions

Our white label solutions, SEO and insights are the best to get ahead of your competitors.

Sell more products

We make it easy to sell more products and boost revenue by connecting you to affiliate programs.

Wide range of products

You can access a wide range of products and programs that you would not have previously been aware of.

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Sign up with your affiliate program and be connected to the network of affiliates who are waiting to sell more clicks.

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We built it. They loved it.



 I am a blogger and I was looking for a way to monetize my blog. Thank god that I found Insigning. I'm earning passive income on my blog and it has become one of the best decisions I have ever made.



 I had my doubts about Insigning but I was wrong. They offer quick and easy access to lots of different affiliate programs. I am very happy with their service, as they have boosted our affiliate income.



 I love the way I can just sign up for an affiliate program and then quickly create product listings. I know that with Insigning I can be sure to get a amazing commission on any sale so it's a win-win game.

Drive More Revenue With Insigning's Marketplace.

You can browse through our listings of affiliate products and find the best fit for your own marketing strategy, or you could be one of our many advertisers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The commission rate is highly variable depending on the affiliate program you choose. Insigning carefully curates all of its programs so you can be sure to find the right fit for your needs. On average, you can expect to see commission rates between 5-30%, with some programs offering even higher rates!

Insigning is an easy-to-use platform that connects affiliate marketers to top affiliate programs. As an affiliate marketer, you can search for and select the best program, sign up and start promoting right away. Insigning helps you track clicks, conversions and earnings, so you can get all the information you need to make informed decisions about your campaigns. Try out Insigning today and start your path to success as an affiliate marketer.

Insigning is a powerful affiliate marketplace designed to help affiliate marketers and influencers maximize their earnings. We make it easy to access an extensive network of businesses, products, and services -- with no extra fees or commissions. You can easily search for relevant affiliate programs, join them, and start promoting their products in a few clicks.

Searching for the right affiliate program can be overwhelming, so we provide an extensive list of programs to choose from. You can quickly and easily narrow your search by category, commission rate, or payment terms. With our user-friendly filtering system, you’ll find exactly what you need in no time!

Insigning is the perfect platform to boost revenue due to our extensive library of hundreds of affiliate and referral programs. We provide the latest resources needed such as tutorials, product recommendations, deals and promotions, thus allowing you to maximize your earnings. Additionally, our predictive analytics system helps you identify opportunities so that you can easily increase sales.

Insigning provides a wide range of benefits to affiliate marketers, affiliate programs and referral programs. With Insigning, you can easily find the right partners and products to promote, track conversions and maximize revenue. We also provide additional resources such as tutorials, educational content and up-to-date industry news to help you succeed.